The AppSpace tracks brings together technical experts presenting the latest and hottest developments for mobile developers. Sessions will educate on leading and emerging platforms, highlighting ingenuity in app development, presenting trend critical topics and case studies as they relate to multi-platforms,consumerizing apps, enterprise apps & mobility, data collection, security and more.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10:00 AM to
10:45 AM

What Really Matters in Mobile UI/UX
Yev Galper, Head of Mobile Competency Center, EPAM
Andrew Garkavyi, CEO, Stanfy

10:50 AM to
11:20 AM

Android Evolved (The Future of Android)
Cyanogen is evolving the Android platform and creating a more level playing field for app developers and the mobile ecosystem. As the 3rd leading mobile operating system, Cyanogen is driving innovation in mobile computing, empowering consumers, and enabling new kinds of interaction models and experiences across core apps and services. Learn what the future of Android will look like in 2016 and beyond.

Vikram Natarajan, SVP of Global Partnerships & Distribution, Cyanogen

11:25 AM to
11:45 AM

Tim Merel, Founder & Managing Director, Digi-Capital

11:50 AM to
12:10 PM

No Stack Development on Google Cloud Platform with Firebase
We often compare different software stacks, but have you considered ditching the stack all together for your next app? Join Jenny Tong, a developer advocate at Google, for some fun demos of serverless apps and snippets of code. You’ll get a glimpse into how productive you can be when you don’t worry about server code.

Jenny Tong, Cloud Platform Developer Advocate, Google