Ben Bajarin kicks off GMIC SV with strong keynote

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Creative Strategies’ Ben Bajarin addressed a full house this morning, kicking off GMIC SV with a strong keynote. The brief, powerful talk reminded the audience of how close we are to having a completely connected world.

“With PCs, it was easy to understand the impact: ‘How many millions have been sold?’ With smartphones, it became, ‘How many billions?’,” he said. “The first 25 years brought computing into the enterprise, but now we’re past that. It is connecting every human on the planet. And after that, it is connecting every thing.”

He noted that we’re on the ground floor with the Internet of Things, so it is crucial that we not only recognize the exponential growth, but respect the opportunity at hand. “Shoes, ovens, lightposts… all these items will be connected,” he said, adding that more than a trillion multiuse sensors are being sold to enable tracking across multiple objects.

The GMIC SV discussions, he says, have been designed from the ground up to answer one big question: “Where are we going to be in the end? What will it look like in 10 years? What will that future be when we get there?”

Bajarin is Principal Analyst at Creative Strategies. He will be serving as moderator for a handful of GMIC SV sessions throughout the week.

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