Filld wins G-Startup competition, headed to Beijing expo

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Filld won the heated 2015 G-Startup competition at the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley. Filld delivers on-demand vehicle gas filling via a mobile app. It will be getting a bevy of benefits, including $125,000 in IBM Softlayer credits and a booth at GMIC’s flagship Beijing conference with travel consideration. “Last year, I saw STEMP win G-Startup right here on this stage,” Filld Head of Strategic & Technical Development Christopher Aubuchon said. “It is a great event.” Filld currently delivers …

Kika Tech Makes Mobile Communication Easier and More Expressive

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Kika Tech is a unique and innovative company with a simple mission: to make mobile communication easier and more dynamic for mobile users. Worldwide, only about 10% of users currently download new keyboards on their smartphones, but that is about to change. Bill Hu, CEO of Kika Tech, sat down with us to talk a bit about his vision for the company and his plans for the future of keyboard communication technology. Not only was he keenly observant about the nature of …


Xiaomi leader gives GMIC SV VIPs rare insight into the Chinese juggernaut

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The exclusive GMIC SV VIP Welcome Dinner brought together participants interested in getting the full experience, from exclusive conference access to rare networking opportunities. The highlight, though, was an intimate fireside chat with Xiaomi Vice President of International Hugo Barra. In two years, Barra has helped turn Xiaomi into a smartphone juggernaut in native China as well as India and other growing markets. “I remember [last summer] renting our first office in Bangalore, India, and it was just me and …

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Tesla recruiter gives GMIC SV ten tips to identify the next unicorn

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Unicorn is the buzzword right now, but suddenly $1 billion-plus startups are becoming more common than the mythical horse. As of summer 2015, there are 84 unicorn companies in America alone, up 115% from 2014. During GMIC SV The Edge talks, Tesla Motors Senior Recruiter Tom Zhang gave us serious insight into how you can spot and get involved with the next one in How Can a Job Seeker Catch the Next Unicorn Bus. “There are a lot of unicorns, …


Baidu’s Andrew Ng describes China, deep learning, voice recognition, and O2O

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As one of the leading thinkers and innovators on deep-learning, Andrew Ng of Baidu is very observant and intimately engaged in the latest patterns and trends of human thought, behavior, and innovation. One pattern he pointed to onstage at GMIC SV this morning was that only within the past few years had data become sophisticated enough to enable deep-learning algorithms, and he saw this trend as particularly exciting for technologies like voice and facial recognition software in the coming years. And he was …


Thought Leader Chris Anderson shows that drones are our future

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The GMIC SV Thought Leader captivated the audience Tuesday morning, starring tech luminaries like Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng, Snapdeal Co-Founder Rohit Bansal and Obi Worldphone Co-Founder John Sculley. 3D Robotics CEO and Co-Founder Chris Anderson was particularly prolific in showing our drone dominated future. “Drones are just smartphones with propellers,” Anderson said, emphasizing it is the natural evolution of mapping our world. “At one time, we were deciding between launching more satellites or adding more cell phone towers. Cell …

The next trillion connected devices at home: Security, fragmentation, and potential

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Mobile devices can be hidden, sold, and moved around, but one type of property will always be the same when we return to it: our homes. Homes are arguably the most intimate “things” we own, and as our home devices become more connected to the Internet, it is crucial they retain a sense of predictability or safety. This was a major theme of concern for both hardware and software firms of connected devices yesterday morning’s panel at GMIC SV entitled “Connected …


GMIC SV Disrupting Diversity in Tech Summit begins

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The lively Disrupting Diversity in Tech Summit began this afternoon with the Silicon Valley Women in Technology panel. The discussion on promoting gender diversity featured Kabam Co-Founder and CDO Holly Liu, Anita Borg Institute CEO Telle Whitney, Germanium Ventures Managing Partner Meera Kaul, Salesforce Senior Software Engineer Sukrutha Bhadouria and Rhodium Capital Venture Partner Oded Hermoni. Moderated by KQED Silicon Valley Reporter Rachael Myrow, the panel emphasized the bias built into current tech culture. The panelists estimated that only about …


Ben Bajarin kicks off GMIC SV with strong keynote

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Creative Strategies’ Ben Bajarin addressed a full house this morning, kicking off GMIC SV with a strong keynote. The brief, powerful talk reminded the audience of how close we are to having a completely connected world. “With PCs, it was easy to understand the impact: ‘How many millions have been sold?’ With smartphones, it became, ‘How many billions?’,” he said. “The first 25 years brought computing into the enterprise, but now we’re past that. It is connecting every human on …


Download the GMIC SV app now to maximize your week

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As you settle in for GMIC SV this week, it will be tough to decide between the diverse tracks, interesting discussion and lively mixers. We’ve got you covered with the revamped GMIC Silicon Valley app for the Apple iPhone and Google Play. The app serves as the central nerve system to the conference, meeting all your event needs including: Personalized schedules Networking opportunities with other attendees Real time maps and location information News feeds straight from the show floor GMIC …