Filld wins G-Startup competition, headed to Beijing expo

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Filld won the heated 2015 G-Startup competition at the Global Mobile Internet Conference Silicon Valley. Filld delivers on-demand vehicle gas filling via a mobile app. It will be getting a bevy of benefits, including $125,000 in IBM Softlayer credits and a booth at GMIC’s flagship Beijing conference with travel consideration.

“Last year, I saw STEMP win G-Startup right here on this stage,” Filld Head of Strategic & Technical Development Christopher Aubuchon said. “It is a great event.” Filld currently delivers within two time slots daily. Its delivery trucks bring the wholesale gas to wherever the user drops a virtual pin and pumps gas into the user’s vehicle for a nominal fee. Aubuchon says it is also looking to officially partner with Uber and other car services, “like an API for the luxury ride services.”

Filld is joining a legacy of innovative companies: The first G-Startup winner, Open Garden, revolutionized personalized Internet access and last year’s winner, STEMP, won GMIC SV over with its smart take on the human thermometer. Starting in 2013, G-Startup gives young, hungry mobile-focused companies an opportunity to shine.

Filld will be headlining the GMIC Beijing conference April 28 – 30, 2016. Register now.

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