Global Game Stars Track

Global Game Stars - hosted by Pocket Gamer

Global Game Stars

Global Game Stars is the leading competition and conference for mobile games, held annually in Beijing and Silicon Valley at GMIC.

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Top executives from the globe’s hottest games and app stores gather to discuss the revolution of mobile games, to share success stories for international markets, and to seek for cooperation on investments in overseas markets. With the theme Learning, Business Matching, and Globalization, attendees will participate in a variety of social events and business opportunities for developers, platforms, distributors, mobile advertisers and VCs.

This year the Global Game Stars Track is curated by Pocket Gamerthe undisputed leader in the mobile games media. We’ve been documenting the industry since before it really began. (Remember the N-Gage? We did the official magazine!)  We run the most respected B2C channels, the biggest B2C portal and the best industry parties and now we’re teaming up with the GMIC to create a truly outstanding Global Game Stars track.

Global Game Stars will draw the speakers and thought leaders in the mobile games space today, from both east and west and unite them in focused sessions to provide valuable insight on the industry today and the where it is heading.

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Who’s speaking?

Programmed and moderated by Pocket Gamer’s Chris James & Martine Paris, the stellar lineup includes a fireside chat with Chris DeWolfe, CEO of SGN and cofounder of MySpace, visionary keynotes by Kristian Segerstrale of Initial Capital, David Helgason of Unity and Ed Fries, legendary Xbox co-creator, and a series of exciting panels with the CEOs and top executives from today’s leading mobile game companies.

Leading speakers of the Global Game Star track

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What are we covering?

Naturally we can’t avoid the thorny issues such as app discovery and distribution and we’ll be getting a state of the market opinion from leading names and panels.

Will social platforms overtake all other app discovery channels and fundamentally change the way we do business? Kakoa Talk and Line have come from nowhere to become major players in the last 6 months and now Facebook is weighing in even more heavily.

We’ll also be taking a closer look at the fastest growing Asian app markets with local experts from Japan, Korea and China sharing insights about their market and their top tips for succeeding.

Suffice to say we’ll be looking to the future, examining some of the directions that our market could evolve, will location-based TV convergence and wearable computing shape the mobile game landscape of tomorrow?

The Global Game Stars competition will unveil the top titles of the year and there’ll be a few surprises in store too, with a unique business challenge session, that will put you in the shoes of some of the industry’s leading execs.

All that plus the chance to network with C-Level execs and mix it up with the movers and shakers shaping the mobile game space.  Join the conversation!

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Tuesday, October 22
STAGE C, Moscone South, Room 106, San Francisco

10am – Opening Remarks

  • Chris James, Managing Director, Steel Media Ltd.

10:05 am – Keynote, Funding the Future of Mobile Gaming

  • Kristian Segerstrale, Co-Founder & Partner, Initial Capital

10:30am – Spotlight: Asia

  • Lei Zhang, President & General Manager, Chukong USA
  • Joshua Galloway, Strategic Advisor, iDreamSky
  • Rick Liu, VP Asia Pacific & Latin America, NativeX
  • Chris James, Managing Director, Steel Media Ltd.

11:15am – Fireside Chat – The New Royals of Gaming 

    • Chris DeWolfe, CEO, SGN
    • Lori Kozlowski, Editor, Forbes

11:45am Are Social Platforms Changing the World of User Acquisition?

      • Perry Tam, CEO, Storm8
      • Marco DeMiroz, CEO & President, PlayFirst
      • Chris Akhavan, President of Publishing, Glu Mobile
      • Mike Cohen, VP & GM, InMobi
      • Glenn Kiladis, VP & GM, Fiksu
      • Chris James, Managing Director, Steel Media Ltd.

12:30pm – Lunch Break


1:30pm Secrets from the Future

      • Ed Fries, Co-Creator, Xbox

2pm Where Will Mobile Games Go Next?

      • Jay Wright, VP Product Management, Qualcomm
      • Chris Early, VP Digital Publishing, Ubisoft
      • Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, GM Mobile, Perfect World
      • Remco van den elzen, CCO and Co-Founder, Distimo
      • Martine Paris, US Events Editor, Pocket Gamer

3pm How Big Can Mobile Games Get?

      • David Helgason, CEO, Unity

3:30pm – What Every Dev Should Know About Monetization

Mike Lu, VP Product Management, GREE
Mickey Maher, Vice President, Applifier
Giordano Contestabile, VP Product and Revenue, Tilting Point
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

4:10pm – Global Game Stars Competition

Nabeel Hyatt, Partner, Spark Capital
Patrick Mork, Advisory Board, Onavo & Pocket Gems
Ed Fries, Co-Creator, Xbox
Alex Xu, SVP, Perfect World
Nick Yang, Founding Partner, Lebox Capital
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat
William Heathershaw, Marketing Director, GWC

GGS Alumni: Royal Revolt II
Georg Broxtermann, Co-Founder, Flaregames GmbH
Global Game Stars Top 2 Announcement

(Day 2 Judges: Kristian Segerstrale, Co-Founder, Initial Capital, Dave Roberts, CEO, PopCap, Ed Fries, Co-Creator, Xbox, Chris Carvalho, COO, Kabam, Lei Zhang, General Manager USA, Chukong USA)

6pm Closing Remarks

Chris James, Managing Director, Steel Media Ltd.

7-10pm Global Game Stars Party!!

Party Like The Future is Here
with Pocket Gamer, Qualcomm Vuforia & Everyplay

Drinks, bites and beats in the swanky subterranean digs
of Vessel nightclub, 85 Campton off Stockton bw Sutter and Bush


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