Global Games Summit

The Global Games Summit brings together game developers from the leading mobile game developer studios and top app stores to discuss the state of the mobile games industry and future outlook. Attendees will hear the latest success stories from the international community and learn about new killer game dynamics, monetization tactics and distribution methods.

September 29, 2015

Time Session
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
Thinking Strategically, and Strategizing for China ggs

What are the market opportunities in China, and why should every company be thinking about making moves into that market? Hear about the challenges and successes from Kabam’s push into the East with Marvel Contest of Champions, and explore different routes to access the emerging top market for mobile games. Also, learn how the mobile games market offers opportunities for brands to reach consumers in China.

Mark Milian, Tech Writer-Editor, Bloomberg

Kent Wakeford, COO, KABAM

2:05 PM
2:25 PM
Emerging Trends on Google Play: Expanding Markets with Android TV ggs

Google Play has become a critical platform for game developers to reach a wide and diverse audience and build successful businesses. In this talk, Jamil Moledina shares some of the trends that Google Play is seeing in content, innovation, discovery, business models, and more. Google Play now also extends beyond phones and tablets to the living room with Android TV. Players are finding that their familiar consumer electronics devices, from cable boxes, to media players, to televisions, now give them easy access to great games. With the Nearby Connections API, developers can now bring second screen experiences to Android TV too. This talk shows the business and creative opportunity to bring mobile games back to the living room.

Jamil Moledina, Games Strategic Partnerships Lead, Google Play

2:30 PM
3:15 PM
Engagement Across the Population ggs

How do you keep your audience engaged over time while rewarding your most loyal players? Premier real estate is available for advertisers to reach players looking for valuable in-game rewards, but what’s the best way to serve them without discouraging your whales. We’ll look at monetization, engagement, and user acquisition strategies for building an enthusiastic player base.

Patrick Mork, Chief Marketing Officer, Singular

Levi Buchanan, Director of Sales, Chillingo
Terence Fung, Chief Strategy Officer, Storm8
Joyce Ye, President of APAC, NativeX
Jim Ying, Senior Advisor, Mobile & Gaming CV Capital

3:30 PM
3:45 PM
Peak Mobile? Not Even ggs

In his talk, Neil Young will address where we are in the lifecycle of the western mobile games market and what specifically needs to be done to unlock the full potential of the market. Drawing on his experience founding ngmoco, and as a former board member for Japanese game company DeNA, Neil will share insights about how game and business design need to come together to level up mobile games and the companies that create them.

Neil Young, Founder & CEO, N3twork

3:50 PM
4:35 PM
Swimming with Sharks – What Game Developers Need to Know to Survive ggs

Rick Liu (Chief Revenue Officer of Playphone acquired by GungHo part of Softbank group) moderates a distinguished group of panelists serving as life coaches to help game developers: 1) survive the market infested with dangers, and 2) navigate the path towards growth and maximize revenue. Each life coach will share from his/her experience the opportunities and threats in a time horizon of the next 12 months surrounding the ecosystem of the mobile game industry, giving the audience measures to lower the risks of failure and increase the probability of success. Swim with sharks and stay alive.

Rick Liu, Chief Revenue Officer, PlayPhone

David Hom, Product Evangelist, AppAnnie
Mary Min, VP of Global Business Development, SEWORKS Inc.
Rachel Sun, Chief Representative, China Telecom eGame
Riz Virk, Founder & CEO, Midverse Studios
Henry Yeh, SVP & Asia Managing Director, Gumi

4:40 PM
5:00 PM
The Secret Sauce of the AppStores ggs

AppStores are a mystery to many, and effective User Acquisition strategies have become incredibly complex. How do developers manage successful campaigns of high impact and are extremely cost effective? Learn to take advantage of the formulas and algorithms on the ranking system of the AppStores (these formulas have NEVER been released to the public). Discover how you can manage distribution channels using powerful burst campaigns and effective sustained campaigns. Finally, learn the secrets of AppStore Optimization. Smartly compete with well funded big box publishers while spending fewer dollars but getting better results! Master the User Acquisiton domain!

Japheth Dillman, CCO & CoFounder,YetiZen Innovation Lab