Thought Leader Chris Anderson shows that drones are our future

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The GMIC SV Thought Leader captivated the audience Tuesday morning, starring tech luminaries like Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng, Snapdeal Co-Founder Rohit Bansal and Obi Worldphone Co-Founder John Sculley. 3D Robotics CEO and Co-Founder Chris Anderson was particularly prolific in showing our drone dominated future.

“Drones are just smartphones with propellers,” Anderson said, emphasizing it is the natural evolution of mapping our world. “At one time, we were deciding between launching more satellites or adding more cell phone towers. Cell phones won, because cell phones scale.”

Anderson argues that drones are the next step, as the autonomous, remote nature enables us to understand our environment in ways impossible with cell phones. “Imagine you get a Google Street View from the air every our. Imagine if we could measure the physical world like we do the digital world. Imagine if we could truly bring the Internet into the physical world…”

The focus wasn’t the death of mobile, but the death of barriers – as data moves to the cloud, Anderson said that it won’t matter whether the information is being brought in from the computer, the phone or the drone. “What we thought were separate industries – smartphones, drones, big data – are actually all the same industry now.”

The GMIC SV Thought Leader stage will continue throughout the conference concluding with Wednesday night’s G-Startup winner ceremony.

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